Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"PRISARTS" Modern Folk Artist

Painting is my passion. I always get the feeling of fulfillment and joy everytime i paint. Then i feel a great satisfaction once i finish the artwork. I love using bold colors, it gives so much energy. I use vibrant colors so freely, may it be a conventional or innovative art. I love to extend these positive enegy to the viewers and collectors of my paintings.

I am glad to be a member of Objects of Art, United Folk Artists. Being in a group of wonderful artist is a great thing. They inspire and boost my desire in painting. Our members create wonderful, healing, happy paintings that will balance your spirit and lift you up. Aside from our original artworks, we are also selling prints where some of the proceeds goes to different Charities.

I have joined several groups on Facebook too. I have been invited to join the amazing artists at United Artists of Earth. We are artists from all over the world. I sometimes feel that my artworks are so child-like each time my fellow artist would post/share their artworks. They are also my inspiration. There are days that i just dont have the desire to paint. Then I go on my Facebook. On my FB, my wall always gets flooded with awesome works of art, and that gets my creative juices flowing again. I run back to get a new canvas, and start paint..paint..paint again!

My artworks are now also being sold as prints. Im glad to know David Venne. His store reproduces Original paintings for different artists. The prints are produced on archival fine art canvas with a professional series printer which features 12 pigment based ink cartridges. Prints are rated fade resistant for up to 200 years and are much nicer than prints produced on a standard desktop printer.  My Zazzle store also carries prints on mugs, canvas, posters, card, hats, aprons, coasters, necklaces,etc. Visit my PRISARTS ZAZZLE STORE.

My Original Paintings are being sold on Ebay and Etsy.

If you wish to have a custom-made artwork, just email me at

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