Sunday, May 22, 2011

Whimsical Artists

I recently became a member of Fine Art America. FAA features various artists' works sold in original and print. Through FAA, i have gained new friends and great relationships with fellow artists. FAA also allows members to set-up contests that gives us a chance to present our works in different themes and categories. I joined Cats and Dogs- The  Most Whimsical and was lucky to win 3rd place. First place was won by Whimsical Artist Scott Plaster.
Whimsical Artists: Scott Plaster's whimsical Cosmic Cow painting
NC Whimsical Artist Scott Plaster is from the North Carolina Piedmont Triad area and has been creating whimsical paintings for 30 years. His line of "Whimsical Animals" has been featured in the Community Arts Cafe and the GoTriad NC artists section and is available for sale in art galleries, art boutiques, and shops around the NC Triad region, and from the Mountains of North Carolina all the way to the Coast. Matted ready-to-frame art repro­ductions of the original whimsical oil paintings are sold in various sizes, art note card sets, art greeting cards, art posters, and even stickers. Plaster's animal menagerie includes "Mystic Tiger," "Cosmic Cow," "Neon Duck," "Psychic Gib­bon," "Shaggy Sheep," alley cat "Miami Lewie," house cat "Cry Baby," "Pelican Peek­ing," "Crab in Space," an alligator in "Crooked Smile," and "Running Rooster." His latest works include "A Series of Four Beetles," "A Collection of Flies," and "Daytona Five." Plaster also co-founded and leads an area NC artists organization, the Cosmic Cow Society, which promotes artists in the Triad region of North Carolina.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why i love painting

A had a visit from a friend whom i havent seen for so long. It was great chatting with her, updating each other with what's been happening with our lives. We talked about life, love,stressful moments,happy moments,nostalgic moment (x's and other people x's, cleaning tips, recipes...etc etc. It was a short but wonderful visit.
She checked out my collection of paintings... and i was happy to show them all to her.
I am proud of what i have done and i am always thankful that God has given the skill and talent to do what i do.
What is it that I love about painting?
  • I love the sense of freedom when i look at a blank canvas, start putting colors and painting without even knowing what i will be painting
  • I love the paintings that i do that just finish themselves. I just stand up and look from a few feet back and would be satisfied..and its done. These are easiest to make.
  • There are moments when i have to play some fast music to get my pulse on a painting mode, and there are days when i paint and i realize it was almost the end of the day and i dont even have a single music or tv on.
  • Crazy moments that you feel spiritually satisfied when you put the first drop of paint on the canvas.
  • I used to have an easel..but its now on our storage.For some reason i enjoy painting on a flat surface than the canvas looking at me face to face
  • I used to paint with oils, but for marketing reasons acrylic serves a better medium. Drying time is shorter, so i get to ship my paintings to my collectors quicker.
  • I love reading too, but it keeps me from my painting. So i have to schedule when i start to read a good book, coz it means a break from painting
Painting is something i love doing, and i enjoy the additional income that comes with it. Since i work at home, i try to work like a pro by acting as if im going to work too. No, i dont wear any corporate attire, my work attire is my apron. After my hubby leaves for work, i start to set-up everything and put on my painting gear. I work from 8-5, even weekends (well not most of the time).

I love painting. Its my career!

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