Monday, May 31, 2010

Day of the Dead "The Fisherman"

Painted on 11x14 canvas board. Day of the Dead "The Fisherman" on the ocean with his beau. Check art on Ebay

Looking Cats in Town

Here's a painting of a mother cat with her kitten looking at the houses. It's a whimsical art of houses, trees and cats. Painted on 12x16 stretched canvas, ready to hang. Check others PRISARTS PAINTING ON EBAY


Painting of 2 cats in acrylic on 8x10 inches stretched canvas. Check art on Ebay

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Angel with Kitty

Here's another painting of an Angel. This is painted on 11x14 inches canvas panel board.  Check on Ebay

Loving Hawaii

Here is a painting i made inspired by the beautiful beaches here in Hawaii. There are so many art galleries here too and hundreds of great artists. Visiting different galleries of marine artists and seeing their artworks makes me want to run back our place and start painting.
This is painted on 11x14 inches canvas panel board.
Check art on Ebay


This is my Day of the Dead version of Sex and the City. Painted in 11x14 inches canvas board. I provided an adhesive hook at the back,so it is ready to hang, or you may have the artwork framed.
We are now in Hawaii. Loving my vacay. Great weather,atmosphere..and of course wonderful beaches. And i get to paint too! yay!
This painting has an added effect on it. I hope the winning bidder enjoys it as much i enjoy watching the "surprise" effect on the painting.
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Day of the Dead "Serenade"

This painting is titled "El Serenata" meaning Serenade. This Day of the Dead Art was painted on 12x16 inches stretched canvas. Check out art at PRISARTS GALLERY


This is an original Day of the Dead Painting featuring the Medicine Man. It was painted on 8x10 inches stretched canvas. Ready to Hang or can be framed. Check this art on Ebay


This original acrylic angel painting is done on stretched canvas, 8x10 inches.

It will be named after the winning bidder. Check art on EBAY.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Folk Art Beach Sun Tropical Painting

This is an original painting done in acrylic and oil on 12x16 stretched canvas. This folk art painting hase numerous layers of colors. Visit my Ebay Store  for this painting.
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Dia de los Muertos

A mexican holiday to honor and celebrate family and friends who have passed away. The holiday focuses on gathering friends and relative to pray for the ones who have died.
This painting is done on 11x14 inches stretched canvas. Ready to hang or can also be framed.
Visit EBAY Store.


Angel painted on stretched canvas using acrylic and oil. This can be hanged right away or can be framed. Sides are stapled and painted in black. Size: 12x16 inches.
The angel will be named after the winning bidder.
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Whimsy Town

Whimsical Town painting in acrylic. Painted on stretched canvas 8x10 inches. Ready to Hang. Check out painting on Ebay

Sea Cats

Whimsical painting of cats on a boat. Done using acrylic and oil on a 11x14 inches canvas board. This can hanged (provided adhesive hook) or can be framed.
Visit my Ebay or Etsy Store.


This is an original painting done in acrylic on 12x16 inches stretched canvas.Colorful and whimsical town.
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This is an original folk art painting done in acrylic on stretched canvas (12x16inches). Whimsical and colorful cityscape! Check out original paintings for sale on EBAY.


This painting was done in oil. Hibiscus is a very popular plant in the Philippines. This tropical flower is called "Gumamela". (SOLD)

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Harley Davidson 1907

harley davidson bike art
I made this painting for my sister-in-law Michele's boyfriend Steve who loves HARLEY DAVIDSON bikes.

Angel of Spring

I made this painting during the start of the Spring Season. I called it Angel of Spring. (SOLD)

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Cherub Pris

Here's another angel, i called it CHERUB PRIS. I love the contrast of the yellow and aquamarine on this painting.(SOLD)
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Folk Art Virgen Calavera

"LA SANTISIMA MUERTE" Day of the Dead, when the souls of the departed return to join their family and friends in the land of the living, 2nd day of November. I made a painting of a Calavera Virgin Mary.This will be posted on EBAY this weekend.


This was painted on 11x14 stretched canvas. The tree is again painted with the white stripes. I dont think i took a good picture of the artwork. The colors of the peacock's feathers doesn't stand out so much. As they say, painting looks better in actual. haha!

It will be up for auction next week. Check original paintings on Ebay


I wanted to have a signature tree. I like black and white too. I figured why not put white stripes on my trees.

I named this "Sunrise" because of the obvious color of the background (yellow). I have another painting that is similir to this, but having a dark background....sunset.


check new original paintings on EBAY

Whimsical Town

This is painted on 12x12 stretched canvas. Painting goes all the way to the side of the canvas.

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) was a famous Mexican Painter. Her unibrow has been her distinct feature. This is my version of Frida.


This is another Day of the Dead Painting. This is my interpretation of the Mariachis. They are hired to play on different events like weddings and other special occasions.

This is being sold at our UFA Ebay store.


I love painting angels! I have made so much already the past few months. My problem is thinking of what to call my Angels now. I have named my angels after my family and friends, and i think i now ran out of names to give them!

So, my Angels in auction are now to be named after the WINNING BIDDER (or whoever he/she wishes the angel to be named after).

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This is the other "BLOOM" painting that I made. I try to put these signature flowers on my art.


This painting is my version of flowers in bloom. One is up for auction already and this "bloom" will be posted on UFA store in a few days.

Next week we will be going to Hawaii for a vacation. I am so excited. I love the beach and tropical flowers. I am sure i will get lots of inspiration for my future paintings from there!


Day of the Dead, THE BRIDE

This painting is a "Dia de Los Muertos" Mexican inspired artwork. I have been doing lots of Day of the Dead Paintings lately. I like putting bright colors on my canvas..and the mexican art are great inspirations.
I have done some Frida Kahlo paintings previously too. I will be posting them all soon.
By the way, "THE BRIDE" bidding will be ending tomorrow. For those interested, just visit my Ebay Store.

My First Blogger Post

Hi everyone! This is my first blog on this site. I decided to make a website officially just for my paintings. I have a few websites made but some were for personal stuff and the others were my site for my Interior Design profession. I have been uploading some of my artworks on those sites, but i figured this will be solely for my Works of Art.
I will be updating you with what i am working on, what i have finished and just about anything that i can think of that involves my passion and also lately a source of income.
I have started posting on Ebay and Etsy for almost 2 years already. When i first tried Ebay, i just signed up because we (my husband Jeff and I) wanted to sell an old cellphone. I didnt know anything about Ebay ... how to post and collect and ship. I just followed the step by step instructions. Added a Paypal account..and viola!... When I posted the phone, i didnt know anything about starting bid, shipping and all that. I actually even forgot about what i posted. I only remembered about it when i recieved an email that the phone was SOLD for...i think that was $56! We got so excited that we looked around the house on what else we could sell. It was so hilarious!

Anyway, about my paintings... I am originally from the Philippines. I am a Professional Interior Designer, Financial Consultant of PruLife UK and also a part-owner of BigBreak Pharmacy. I paint as a hobby. I give it as gifts and also use it as accessories for my clients homes and offices. I learned a little about painting when I was in College,since we had to do perspectives and render it. Back then there weren't any AUTOCADs yet. I moved to Guam 2 years ago, got married there..then moved here in California. One day Jeff asked me if i can paint him some BEACH scenes and surfboards. So I got some painting materials and then made a painting of SURFBOARDS. He was so excited and was so proud....and asked to make another one.haha!

I made a few more surfing themes,then some MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. I painted an abstract guitar on a 20x30 stretched canvas board. Then i thought of my, i posted it for 7 days...and guess what? I "sold" it again..... so basically thats the start of my painting career.

I try to post 5-10 paintings per week. Last month, i have been invited to join UNITED FOLK ARTISTS. UFA also has an Ebay account. So i try to make more paintings, so i can post some on both Ebay Accounts.
I think this is it for now. On my next post, i will try to include photos of my ARTWORKS. I will include some of my paintings that were sold already too.
Thanks for dropping by and reading my blog! Check my paintings at PRISARTS GALLERY and Objects of Arts Gallery.