Monday, March 7, 2011

Mexican Folk Art Paintings

This week has been a great week. First, i received my 2nd Certificate from Ebay, i am now a Powerseller!
I was also featured as Best Seller of the Week at Zazzle. Receiving all these gives me a boost of confidence on my painting career.

My friend Leni approached me with an idea of having an Art Show this summer. I am giddy with excitement. I was previously invited to be featured in Raw Artist last October 2010, but i had to decline since i was leaving for Manila during the week of the show. But again, being invited is an honor just the same.

I have new listings on my Ebay store which were posted last night. My artworks are listed every Sunday for 7 days, so it will also end on a Sunday. There are a few listing that i would add as BINs (Buy It Now) once in a while.

I love gifts, prizes and  freebies! Who doesnt? I also love reading blogs of friends and co-artists. I have been thinking for months already on what i can do to show my appreciation to my PRISARTS followers and collectors. Last night i read from Wanderlass's blogsite of the contest she is hosting for her and R.O.X.  followers. I think its neat. I like the idea of using List Randomizer to select the winner.  I still have to do more research on how i will go about this. Anyways, my plan is to give out a special painting to my winning follower! Isnt that a great idea? Let me know what you think.

Check out new Original paintings for sale at my PRISARTS STORE and OBJECTS OF ART GALLERY


  1. You have come along away Pristine, very proud of your accomplishments. I knew from the start you will make it big. You have such a great hand and a good set of eyes that draws you to create something that you call art. Keep it up. The art show, will make it happen!

  2. instant love for your work! kudos! -esay from PI