Friday, September 17, 2010


I will be on an 80-day vacation starting next month! I am so looking forward to a fun and relaxing time with the family.
Now I am trying to paint as much artwork as I can before i leave. My Mexican "Day of the Dead" has been my best-seller and i feel bad that i wont be in the country during the said event. I will paint the most number of artworks that i can before flying to Asia.

I have been commissioned to make some paintings while i am in the Philippines too. So painting wouldn't be on hiatus. I have to check if its still feasible to post on my Ebay and Objects of Art Gallery while i am there. I have to know if the cost of shipping would be affordable.

I will be posting some auctions and BUY IT NOW paintings tonight and on Sunday. Please visit my PRISARTS GALLERY.

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