Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My First Blogger Post

Hi everyone! This is my first blog on this site. I decided to make a website officially just for my paintings. I have a few websites made but some were for personal stuff and the others were my site for my Interior Design profession. I have been uploading some of my artworks on those sites, but i figured this will be solely for my Works of Art.
I will be updating you with what i am working on, what i have finished and just about anything that i can think of that involves my passion and also lately a source of income.
I have started posting on Ebay and Etsy for almost 2 years already. When i first tried Ebay, i just signed up because we (my husband Jeff and I) wanted to sell an old cellphone. I didnt know anything about Ebay ... how to post and collect and ship. I just followed the step by step instructions. Added a Paypal account..and viola!... When I posted the phone, i didnt know anything about starting bid, shipping and all that. I actually even forgot about what i posted. I only remembered about it when i recieved an email that the phone was SOLD for...i think that was $56! We got so excited that we looked around the house on what else we could sell. It was so hilarious!

Anyway, about my paintings... I am originally from the Philippines. I am a Professional Interior Designer, Financial Consultant of PruLife UK and also a part-owner of BigBreak Pharmacy. I paint as a hobby. I give it as gifts and also use it as accessories for my clients homes and offices. I learned a little about painting when I was in College,since we had to do perspectives and render it. Back then there weren't any AUTOCADs yet. I moved to Guam 2 years ago, got married there..then moved here in California. One day Jeff asked me if i can paint him some BEACH scenes and surfboards. So I got some painting materials and then made a painting of SURFBOARDS. He was so excited and was so proud....and asked to make another one.haha!

I made a few more surfing themes,then some MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. I painted an abstract guitar on a 20x30 stretched canvas board. Then i thought of my EBAY...so, i posted it for 7 days...and guess what? I "sold" it again..... so basically thats the start of my painting career.

I try to post 5-10 paintings per week. Last month, i have been invited to join UNITED FOLK ARTISTS. UFA also has an Ebay account. So i try to make more paintings, so i can post some on both Ebay Accounts.
I think this is it for now. On my next post, i will try to include photos of my ARTWORKS. I will include some of my paintings that were sold already too.
Thanks for dropping by and reading my blog! Check my paintings at PRISARTS GALLERY and Objects of Arts Gallery.

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